Sunday Afternoon Outreach

Sunday Afternoon Outreach begins @ 4 PM. During this time our staff, deacons, Sunday school teachers & leaders, and other ministry leaders are urged to meet in the Atrium, receive outreach assignments, make one or two quick door visits, then return for evening worship. We will be doing the following kinds of visits:

  1. New guest follow-up. The pastor will make most first-time guest visits but all new guests will be placed on a 6 week contact rotation.
  2. Returning guest visits.
  3. Ministry visits--those who have ministry needs of which we are aware.
  4. Fellowship visits--these have often been referred to as "absentee visits." Those who have missed 4 consecutive weeks in Sunday school will be scheduled for fellowship visits.
  5. Membership visits--these are follow-up visits with new members, members who have become irregular in attendance, or members who have dropped out completely.
  6. Door-to-door visits--we will be using a simple survey method to make contact with and gather information on new prospects.