Begins Sunday, August 18 @ 4:30 PM

If our church does its primary outreach through Sunday School, you will find that

FAITH training can strengthen and streamline the ministry of these open Bible

study groups, allowing for training to be done in a small-group setting—or even by one team leader personally mentoring two learners through this training process. No matter how our church chooses to do FAITH training, this resource follows this weekly schedule:

• Team Time—15 minutes of learning the gospel presentation and discussing

home-study assignments

• Teaching Time—45 minutes of classroom training

• Visitation Time—approximately 1½ hours of intentional visits by teams

• Celebration Time—30 minutes of celebration when teams return from visits

The following statement by one FAITH learner named Kathy sums up the goals

and possibilities of FAITH training:

"FAITH training has given me the confidence to share Christ with anyone at anytime. The training enabled me to be prepared at a moment’s notice. I would never have been that bold, even though I wanted to be. The Lord has demonstrated time and time again that if I’m prepared and willing to obey, He will go before me."

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