Welcome to the elexio community! we are so glad you came!

At Ozark Baptist Church, we are working to build a growing body of believers CONNECTED to not only the Lord but also to each other! One means of doing so is the use of the Elexio Community (EC). Through Elexio Community App:

  • You can give online, painlessly!
  • You can check your kids into preschool before you arrive at the church!
  • You can mark your group's attendance from your smartphone or other device!
  • You can have access to a live, up-to-date directory of members!
  • You can request Purchase Orders and get approval for spending budget funds!
  • You can stay connected with your groups and group members through text, email, or phone messages, all from your phone!

There are many other benefits to using Elexio Community App! Visit the App Store on your iOS device or the Google Play Store for your Android device to download the Elexio Community. It's FREE!

You may request a personal account by emailing michael@ozarkbaptist.org.

Get the app!

Google Play Store -- Elexio Community App -- CLICK HERE

iOS APP Store -- Elexio Community App -- CLICK HERE

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FYI: OBC's domain name is ozarkbaptist. Place this name where the darkened domain is listed when you open the app.